Did you know that literally every day you reap the benefits of plant breeding?  Most of what we eat, drink and wear couldn’t exist without it.

Plant breeding actually started many thousands of years ago, when people first domesticated wild plants.

As the years have gone by, scientists’ understanding of agriculture has continued to progress. In the 20th century, we made incredible breakthroughs in understanding the mechanics of genetics – DNA, the genetic code, and how to read whole genomes. Each advance has increased our efficiency in breeding better crops.

Today, our understanding of how to harness genetics continues to progress; but at the same time, we face new challenges every day: like the global spread of plant diseases and pests, dwindling natural resources, climate change, and skyrocketing global population growth. Helping farmers keep pace with these challenges in a safe and sustainable way continues to be plant breeders’ goal.

What could the future hold? More sustainable food production? Better tasting and more nutritious produce? Increased protection of plants from drought and diseases?

Adapting the basic principles that have been used for generations, plant breeding innovations like gene editing are preparing us to face 21st-century challenges.

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