This site was developed by the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) as a public sourceĀ of information on plant breeding innovation.

Through advancements in agriculture and the development of new crop varieties, humans have historically strived to meet the needs of a growing population and to develop a safe, reliable and sustainable food supply. How will we continue to meet this challenge, while dealing with a changing climate and threats of new pests and diseases? Just like in other industries, continued innovation is paramount to the future of agriculture, and our quality of life. Plant breeders will need access to every tool available to meet these challenges in a safe, affordable and responsible manner. The future is here and now; it starts with the seed.

Founded in 1883, ASTA is one of the oldest trade organizations in the United States. Its membership consists of over 700 companies involved in seed production and distribution, plant breeding, and related industries in North America. As an authority on plant germplasm, ASTA advocates science and policy issues of industry-wide importance. ASTA is the voice of action in all matters concerning the development, marketing, and movement of seed, associated products and services throughout the world. ASTA promotes the development of better seed to produce better crops for a better quality of life. For more information, visit www.betterseed.org