Meet the Breeder:Fikret Isik

Meet the Breeder:Fikret Isik Name: Fikret Isik Company: North Carolina State University Title: Professor and Associate director of Cooperative Tree Improvement Program Focus: Forest Tree Breeding (pine breeding) How long have you been doing it? Since 2000​ Why did you choose this career? It is a...

Meet the Breeder-Gennaro Fazio

Meet the Breeder-Gennaro Fazio Name: Gennaro Fazio Company: USDA-ARS Plant Genetic Resources Unit  School of Integrative Plant Sciences at Cornell University Title: Plant breeder and research geneticist Adjunct Associate Professor  Focus: Apply genomics, transcriptomics and root phenomics to...

Meet the Breeder: Ted Superak

Meet the Breeder: Ted Superak

Ted Superak, breeder of 41 years, who currently works for HM Clause seeds. “Its human directed evolution. I try to create different combinations of genes. Its kind of like being an artist where DNA is your paint.”